Let's continue this elsewhere...

I will be continuing this blog at a different named location.
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Same family. Same location. Different year.

Last year my cousin asked me to take pics of her and her family.
You might recall seeing them HERE. 
This year...we did it again!!!!

We went to the same location as last year and it turned out great.
Even with the freezing. cold. weather.


Whose afraid of the big bad wolf???

Big bad wolf sneaking up on Little Red Riding Hood...

Lumberjack comes and scares the big bad wolf off!!!!

Big bad wolf tries again...

...he realllly scared Little Red Riding hood this time :(
and he grabs for her!!!!

Lumberjack jumps in to save her!!!
Oh no!!!!!!

Get him Lumberjack hero!!!

woohoo...she's getting away!!!!

And they all lived happily ever after :)