Playing Catch Up!

So I’ve been slacking, and it’s been a good while since last writing. I apologize, but things have been really busy!

Trick-or-Treating went great! Buddy was really into it this year! We went to my parents neighborhood, so Peter Pan could go out with TinkerBell ;) Buddy went up to every house (that had their light on, of course) and said “THANK YOU!!!!!” hahaha…we then reminded him he needed to say “TRICK-OR-TREAT” first, then “THANK YOU!!!!” haha, he eventually got the hang of it! Walking away from each house Buddy would excitedly ask “Are we going to another house now?!?” and when Babe & I responded “Yes we are!” Buddy would get even more excited and scream “I LOVE THIS!!!!!” haha it was sooooo cute!!!!!!!! He made out VERY WELL with candy ;)

We are well into our next home project! We are tiling our sunroom & kitchen, with a walkway to the front door! They tile guys started on Sunday, and should be finishing up today! I am very excited! It already looks great, I can’t wait to see the finished project!!!!! Then next week we are getting new carpet in the living room, and new furniture! I can’t wait! It’s all going to look fantastic! I will have some before/after pictures up as soon as it’s all done :)

Not much else is new. I am driving a rental car for the next few days from when I was rear-ended a week or so back. It’s a Dodge Stratus, and I really like it! Buddy likes it too. When he got in it for the 1st time, all he could say was “This is a really cool car!” haha

Can you believe that White Marsh is having their holiday parade this Saturday?! It just seems to get earlier and earlier every year! While we plan on taking Buddy to the parade, he still won’t see Santa until after Thanksgiving. I just can’t give in to taking him before that…maybe it’s just me?! That is, if he’ll even see Santa at all. He says he’ll sit on his lap this year, if Babe & I go with him, so I’m hoping he really does!!!!! He’s been scared the last year or two!

That’s it for now. I’ll do my best to write more often! :)

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