Thanksgiving Holiday

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving Holiday was a great one! Ours was!

11/22/07 - Thanksgiving Day
We woke up thursday morning and Buddy was excited to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on TV. It finally came on, and Buddy was glued! He loved all the big balloons, and floats! Every time it went to commercial, he got upset, thinking it was over ;) After the parade, we all got ready. Babe had to work :( So he left for work. Buddy and I headed over to my Aunt's house for Thanksgiving Dinner! We had a great time there, and watched Home Alone 2: Lost in New York! After my aunt's house, we took a trip up to Delta, PA to Babe's cousin, Rachel's house! It is their new home, absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! It's huge, and Buddy was able to play with the toys Rachel had from watching another little boy! Buddy was the red power-ranger all night. At some point, my bestest, Melis, called to say she wasn't feeling well, and wouldn't be coming up super early to shop, so I decided to go to the Lancaster outlets with the girls of the H family. Michelle, Babe's cousin, offered to take Buddy home and watch him...Thank you, Michelle!!!!! So around 11pm, me, my mother-in-law, Aunt Sandy, Aunt Betty, Rachel & Grandmom Harper all headed to the Lancaster outlets. We got there right at 12am, when they opened! It was packed! But we all shopped til we dropped, and 5 hours later, we headed home. I was dropped off around 6:30am, and figured since I was already up, I may as well finish up some shopping I was planning to do, and went on my way to Target ;) I finally got to bed around 9am friday morning...haha ;) It was a lot of fun!!!!!! I'd do it again!

11/23/07 - Black Friday
I woke up friday around 11, and my Mom came up for lunch. Her and Dad had a party to go to that night, so I offered to watch Ella...on 3 hours of sleep I was now watching Ella & They were pretty good friday night...Ella had an hour nap around 7:30, but never went back to sleep. Buddy & Ella were both wide awake when my parents got home around 11...haha! I, on the other hand, was ready to pass out!!!!!

Saturday was an eventful day as well! Buddy & I went to the Playhouse Disney concert with my cousin Amanda, and her son Austin! It was a ton of fun...our seats kind of sucked...but the kids still had a blast! Buddy talks about it everyday, and runs down the whole list of the characters we saw...Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Goofy, Handy Manny, Tigger & Pooh, and the Little Einsteins ;) See...i know it for memory, too! haha

Saturday night I was supposed to go out for my friend, Carmen's, birthday. But i had really started feeling sick, so I decided not to go :( Buddy and I hung out all night, watching the new DoodloeBops Christmas CD. Jamie also stopped by on his way home to Cecil Co!

Sunday Babe was off work, so that meant a family day...woohoo! Unfortuneatly, though, Buddy and I fell asleep around noon, and didn't wake up until 3pm! LOL...we both needed that long nap! When we got up, we quickly got ready, ran to Giant, and then to our friends, The Ernest's, home to watch the Raven's game! They have a son, Luke, who is almost 3...and him and Buddy are best buds! Buddy & Luke immediately went downstairs to play, and us adults ate, drank, and watched the miserable Raven's! Still, we had a terrific time!!! Buddyr asked to borrow The Grinch movie when we left, and when we got home we all watched that together :)

Monday was back to work for me. When I got home, we put up some of our Christmas lights, then got ready to go visit Santa Claus!!!!!!! Buddy said he would sit on his lap, all by himself, and that he did! :) Babe & I are so proud of him! The very first thing he asked Santa was " like macaroni & cheese?" haha...that's Buddy for ya! He had a great conversation with Santa, and told Santa he wanted Diego toys, transformers & power rangers! We then proceeded to have Ella sit on Santas lap with Buddy, but Ella wanted NOTHING to do with Santa. The pics of that are great, too!!!!! haha When Buddy got off Santa's lap (he was probably on there about 5 minutes!), Santa called me over. He told me that Buddy was shaking so much when I first sat him down! But way to go Buddy, for not being scared!!!!!!!
After seeing Santa, we all went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, then my mom took Buddy to buy some nice black dressy shoes, and Diego tennis shoes!

You know, it's amazing how much fun the holidays are again. Seeing the holdidays through Buddy's eyes is just like being a kid again. When I see how excited Buddy gets b/c we're putting up Christmas lights...and when Buddy says "I love you for putting up these christmas lights!" in the most excited tone just brings back all the excitement I had as a kid, too! It's wonderful!!!!! I cannot wait until Christmas morning...Buddy has been a good boy this year, and Santa is very proud of him!!!!

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