Buddy's 1st Visit to the Dentist!

Buddy had his 1st dental appt on Friday, November 16th! Although he was really nervous, he did a great job! We took him to a pediatric dentist. When I called to make an appt, they sent a personalized book to Buddy, about how his 1st visit was going to be. We read that book every night in the weeks before his appointment. I think it helped to prepare him!

He was a little iffy about certain, he didn't let the hygenist use the sucker instrument. And it took him a while to lay back in the chair, where he eventually just sat up while the hygenist cleaned his teeth. But he did great, and had a great time!
When the dentist came in to see Buddy, he gave us a scare. He said that Buddy's back teeth are darker than his front, so he was checking for cavities! Luckily, Buddy has no cavities. The Dentist said that sometimes teeth just grow in a different color. Weird. But at least it's his back!
Here are a few pics of his 1st visit :)

Buddy opening wide, saying "AaaHhhhh!!!!"

Buddy said the chair going back was a "fun ride!" ;)

Buddy getting his teeth tickled ;)

Buddy all excited at the great job he did :)

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