Sick Day! :(

So, Wednesday night, I started feeling a little sick. My parents were over until about 8:30. When they left, Buddy & I got ready for bed. Buddy quickly fell asleep, while I spent a good while in the bathroom : / That happened throughout the night, and when my alarm went off at 4:45am, there was no way I was making it into work. I somehow managed to get up to call my boss, and then went back to bed.

Around 7, Babe's alarm went off, so he got up to get things ready for the day. When Buddy saw that I was still in bed, he was so sweet. He came over and asked what was wrong. When I told him I was sick, he said "it's okay Mommy. You feel better when I get home from school, ok?" And then gave me a hug and a kiss :) It melted my heart!!!! And Babe & Buddy were on their way.

Babe picked up some ginger-ale for me on the way back from dropping Buddy off at the Blind School. We both agreed it would be a lot easier on me if Babe took off work, too, so he did. I was too dizzy and light-headed to drive, so it was either Babe goes into work later, after picking Buddy up, or just takes the whole day off. I'm so glad he took the whole day off.

Around 9:30am I made my way downstairs to the sofa. Babe & I spent most the day catching up on last season's Prison Break, and some of Heroes. At 2, Babe left to pick up Buddy, and I caught up on my One Tree Hill episodes.

When Babe & Buddy returned home, Buddy ran over to me asking if I was feeling better. I told him "just a little!" Buddy sat with me until him and Babe left again, this time for some BOUNCIN'!!!! While they were out Bouncin', I watched a few more episodes of Heroes. They stopped by McDonalds on the way home, and brought home a 4-pc nugget for me to try (up until then, it was about 10 crackers the whole day).

At 8, I went to bed. Now, I am at work. I was still feeling a little sick this morning, but am slowly feeling better and better! I think I had a 24-hour stomach bug or something?! I'm just glad to be feeling better :)

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