20 x 12

Last night was the best night I've had in a while. And it was a simple night, really. I had gone to the gym, and then Buddy & I went to Burger King for dinner. It was a little after 7 when we got home, so Buddy picked ELF to watch, and we just relaxed. But then I remembered how a few nights before, when I was scrapbooking, Buddy really interested in using my "Creative Scissors." So i snuck upstairs to get some construction paper, and when I came back down, I told Buddy to sit on the floor with me! He asked "WHY?!" and when i pulled out the scissors, he got SOOOOOO excited ;)

We probably spend a good hour to 2 hours just cutting paper. I cut letters to spell "Buddy", "Mom" and "Dad", while Buddy cut out shapes that he pretended was food ;) LOL It was the best time! We both had a blast :)

On a different note, Mix 106.5 is having a Radiothon for Johns Hopkins Childrens Center. They've been doing it since Thursday, and it ends Sunday. I start bawling everytime a story is told on there, and I can't help but think "What if that was Tyler? Or a friends child?", "You never know when something could happen...Buddy might not be in there now, but what if one day..." and ya know, my mind just wonders and wanders. So, after discussing it with Babe, I decided to join their 20 x 12 club. It's $20 a month for 12 months, donated to JHCC. If you think about it, $20 a month isn't much at for the next year I don't get my nails's a simple sacrafice for something that can go such a long way! If you get the chance, call and donate. Even if it's $5 you's better than nothing! The number is 410-823-1065, or if you go to MIX1065.NET, you can donate over the internet! Just thought I'd share :)

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