Buddy's 4 year Check-up!

Yesterday, Buddy had his 4 year old check up. I will tell you all about it, but first let me tell you a funny story ;)

Last week, when he went with my to me 20 weeks baby appt, he had to go with me while I got the Dr's a urine sample (i promise there is nothing wrong with this story). Buddy was surprised that i was 'peeing in a cup'! He kept asking me why I was doing that, saying it was gross, etc, etc. Funny in itself. I explained to him the importance of it, and told him one day, he would have to do that, too!
Well, after his appt yesterday him and Babe called me. The very 1st thing that Buddy said to me was "Guess what, Mommy?! I peed in a cup, JUST LIKE YOU!!!!" He was so very proud of himself! He even said "I only peed a little in the cup, and then the rest in the toilet!" LOL!!! I was cracking up the whole day!

Now for the rest of his appt. - Overall, it went great! He is 40inches tall now, and weighing in at 37lbs! Wow! Lil' man has gained 30lbs since being born! Crazy to think that!!! The Dr says all this well where growth is concerned. Unfortuneately, he does have an ear infection again :( So he's back on meds for that. We will be taking him back next week to make sure his infection is gone, and if so, he'll be getting his 4 year shots! Ouch! He's a tough kid though - he'll do fine :)

The Dr also brought up that he has an anxiety issue, and his left eye twitches when he gets nervous. I, personally, have never noticed this. But Babe & I are just to talk with him more about upcoming situations that could make him nervous - ie getting shots next week. Things like that. So we'll see how that goes!!!

Otherwise, our lil' man is growing up so healthy :) I love him soooo much!!!

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