Buddy's 4th Birthday!

Lil' man is now 4 years old!!! It came and went so fast this year!!! We had a lot of fun and celebration!

Sunday, the 5th, was his birthday party. We had it at Honeygo Park, and it was the perfect day for it! The weather was great, and the turnout was even better :) My friend, Alison, face painted all the kids, there was a playground there, and lots of friends and family :) Also, Buddy's gift table looked like Christmas there were so many gifts!!!

Then on Tuesday, Buddy turned 4!!! Funny story --- he thought he was turning 5 already. He said at his party on Sunday he turned 4, so that on his real birthday he would be 5! He was quite upset when he found out that wasn't the case, so Babe & I had to explain to him that Sunday was his birthday celebration, and tuesday was his real birthday! He eventually understood ;)

So Tuesday was a busy day. We woke up, and Buddy opened a small gift from us. Then we headed to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast - one of Buddy's favorite places ;) After there, it was time to go get a sonogram to find out if Buddy will have a little brother or little sister! His birthday wishes came true, and he's going to have a Little Sister :) YAY!!!!

After the sonogram, we took Buddy to Toys R Us. We told him he could pick out 1 toy of his choicee --- anything he wanted. So guess what he picks?! A $2 green ball - LOL!!! We aren't complaining. It saved us money, as we also surprised him in telling him he could pick out his very own BIKE :) He picked a Diego one!!!

We headed to McD's for lunch, so Buddy could get his happy meal, then went and saw Chihuahua at the movies! Buddy loved the movie, it was very cute!!! After the movies we headed back home. Buddy played on his bike for a little while, then played with the green ball. Babe took a quick nap. Then we headed to go Bouncin'! Buddy was excited that 2 of his best buddies, Luke & Colin, were coming, too :) Even PopPop showed up for some Bouncin' fun!!!

Last but not least, we headed to Friendly's for some birthday icecream. Nana, PopPop, Aunt Lauren, Ella, Grandmom & Pops all came with us!!! It was great fun! The waitresses even gave Buddy some birthday balloons and sang to him :) He loved every minute!!!

So, an eventful day for our big lil' 4 year old :) But a great one at that!!!
We love you lil' man!!!! Hope you had a great birthday :)

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