Sick lil' man

Buddy has been sick the last couple of days, but I think we are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel! It started Tuesday morning - he woke up with an upset stomach. Babe took him to the Blind School as usual, but b/c he had a Dr's appt that morning, he picked Buddy up early. The Dr appt was a follow up visit to see if his ear infection was gone. Thankfully it was gone : ) However, since Buddy was still complaining of his tummy, he didn't get his 4 year shots. We hope to get them next week. When Babe & Buddy got home later, around 2pm, Tyler threw up :( And he did that about once an hour until 9pm that night : / He ate crackers and soup - but they didn't stay down. So Babe called out of work Wednesday to stay home with Buddy. Wednesday Buddy kept what he did eat down (which wasn't much - maybe 1 cracker, some soup and some applesauce the whole day), and he drank a lot. But he had a temp. So Thursday, I worked half a day then came home to stay with Buddy so Babe could go to work. By 4pm thursday afternoon our old Buddy was back :) He still wasn't eating a lot, but he had the energy we all know and love from him - LOL!!!

So I am glad he's feeling better. I just hope he starts eating again!!!

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