Buddy's got a girlfriend - Princess got a tooth!

Buddy has a new girlfriend. Her name is Carline (not sure if I spelled that right). Last night, after tucking him into bed for the night, he came to tell me a little about her. Here's what he had to say:

"Mommy, Carline took a bath and her hair smelled like Strawberries. It smelled soooooo good! And she wore a purple dress today with a necklace. She looked very pretty. She dances well, too."

Hold up! Wait a minute! Isn't Buddy just 5 years old? Not 15??? Her hair smelled good? She looked pretty in her dress? Oh man...are we in for some trouble!!!! LOL!!!! It was so cute though. He was literally blushing when telling me about her! I sure hope she isn't a heartache waiting to happen ;) hehe

As for Princess...she's got her 3rd tooth!!! Babe text me this morning telling me thatPrincess's 3rd tooth has come through! YAY!!!! Her 3rd tooth!!! This comes as a surprise to me as this tooth didn't seem to bother her too much. She was a little cranky last night, but not a lot. AND...get this...she only woke up ONE TIME last night! Woohoo for needed sleep! Thank you baby girl!!! Congrats on your 3rd tooth :) And Thank you for sleeping!

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