some pics of my babies :)

I took Buddy to see TOY STORY 3 a few nights ago...
he wore these socks to the movies..such the goof ball :

Then, because he was such a great lil' man while out at the pool Sunday, we took him to Toys R Us to get him some silly bands. Toys r Us sells them in packs of

Being the dare devil that she is, Princess decided to climb up on a chair (like she usually does), but this time, the chair tipped over. Luckily she was outside, and fell face first into the grass...whereas if she were home, she would have fallen face first into our tile floor : / She's got a scratched up nose, and a blood blister on the inside of her top lip:

What would make a busted lip better but some yummy ice cream?! Her hair looks so much lighter in this picture...and i think she looks a little like me ;)

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