Stung by a bee!

Babe worked super late Wednesday night, so his job was nice enough to let him off early Thursday! After dinner, we decided to go out for some Ritas...Buddy had been asking about it for a while now ;)

We were sitting on the side of the Rita's building. I noticed Buddy swing at something flying, but he kept on eating his ice cream. A few seconds later he started saying his arm hurt. He was calm about it, not crying or getting upset, simply saying "my arm feels weird." So i took a look at it...sure enough...bee sting! So i said (which was a big mistake) "Aww buddy, looks like you got stung by a bee!" He immediately started bawling :( Crying he didn't want to be stung by a bee, asking if he was allergic...poor little guy. We put our italian ice cups on it to slow down the little swelling that was occuring, and he calmed down. I felt horrible.

Then, leaving Target, he said something about it being okay for me to go b/c no other cars were coming. Then he said the bee sting made him smarter! LOL! I love my Buddy :)

Not the best picture...but you know me, i had to capture his 1st bee sting:
It's to the left of his arm, up top near his shirt. This was when it was it's most started going down right after I took the pic.

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