PA :)

Well, it's been 2 weeks since we settled on our new home in Pennsylvania :) And what a 2 weeks it has been! We are slowly but surely getting settled into the new house, and everyone is loving it! Buddy's already made neighborhood friends, and is excited for school every day! His first night in the house he told us he didn't need his bed rail anymore - so he's been sleeping without it and doing great! No falls! Princess is loving all the outside time. From chalk to her slide to her little bike - she's eating it all up! She's also been sleeping in her toddler bed quite well! Woohoo!
I have some pics to show of life in the new house, but not all came through my email when I if you have me on FB, you can see the rest there :)

Buddy loving that he can help unpack the big moving truck ;)

From one of our new neighbors! So sweet :)

First night in the new house. Our bed was the only bed ready, so we all slept there!
Ty in the messy toy room!
Princess brushing her teeth!
 Buddy reading to Princess :)
 Princess napping in her new toddler bed! She LOVED it!
Buddy sleeping in his bed without bedrails! GO BUDDY!!!
The 2 enjoy every minute of outside time :)

I definetely think this was a great move for us! The house is beautiful! THe neighborhood is awesome! And our new neighbors are even more awesome! The community is tiny, but has a lot going on. There's a great ice cream shop within walking distance. There's a Rutters within walking distance as well! All my days of walking to 7-11 from my childhood house can now happen for my children, as they will be able to walk to Rutters :) The scenary is beautiful driving anywhere near the house. Everything about it is wonderful! I cannot wait to watch our babies grow up in this house and community! :)

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