Our Lil' Man is 6!

I'm not sure when or how it happened so fast, but yesterday Buddy turned 6! We've been counting down the days for at least a month now, and his 6th birthday has come and gone! He said it was "THE BEST DAY EVER!" and that makes me feel so good :)

I was able to work from home, so before he woke up I went out and got him his favorite donut for breakfast ;) I set up the balloons we got for him, too ;) He came walking downstairs at 6:30am! LOL! Apparently he was just too excited to sleep ;) I don't blame him! 6 is such an awesome age :) So we waited until 7 for Babe and Princess to get up and then ate our donuts!

Then it was time for him to go to school! Buddy was so excited that he would be getting a birthday hat! Little did he know one of his friends would also give him a birthday gift...the gift of throwing up on him!!!!!!!!!! That's right...we got a call from the nurse around lunch time that Buddy had gotten thrown up on! My poor buddy...thrown up on, on his birthday! The nurse said he was very matter of fact about it, didn't touch it, and they washed his hands A LOT and used sanitizer. They also changed his clothes, etc. I am so glad this didn't ruin his birthday! When I picked him up from school (first time ever - he was so happy about it!) he told me all about it! He also mentioned that his class LOVED the blueberry muffins we took in for his birthday snack :)

Babe was also working from home, so we called him when we got close to the house. Buddy's birthday present was waiting in the driveway for him...a new bike and a new helmet!!! He wasn't as excited as we'd hope, but he definetely seemed to enjoy his new bike a lot ;) Check out the pick of him on it...does he have that 6 year old attitude or what?! LOL!

He also got 2 books from Princess and a nice, new Raven's jersey for his birthday ;) Pretty sweet gifts if you ask me ;)

We played outside for a little while until Nana came over, then headed out to dinner at Buddy's restaurant of choice. Can anyone guess where that was?! It's pretty easy if you know Buddy...McDonald's!!!! LOL!!! Where else but there?? We ate, the kids played, then we went and got milkshakes from Rutters...yummm :)
We let Buddy stay up a little bit last night and watch an extra show, just because it was his birthday!
He says he had THE BEST DAY EVER, and I hope he did! He deserves it :)
Happy Birthday, Buddy! We all LOVE you very much!

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