Princess is 2!

On Friday, March 4th, 2011, our Princess turned 2 years old! It's crazy to think 2 years have gone by already...she is so smart, so pretty, such a joy to us, and brings a smile to everyones face!
She has such personality, such attitude, and no fear!

She is now 2 years old, weighs just 22lbs and is 33 1/4 inches tall - truly our petite princess :)

We celebrated her birthday all weekend long! On her actual birthday she got her breakfast of choice (cinnabuns), her lunch of choice (burger king) and her dinner of choice (pizza!). On Saturday her birthday party was at Kiddie Crusoe, and she had a blast along with all her friends :) Then Nana and PopPop came over to celebrate, too! And that evening, we went to Chuckie Cheese!!! Sunday was more of a relaxing day, but she had more company to help celebrate her 2nd birthday!

We hope you had an awesome 2nd birthday princess!
You are amazing and we love you to pieces!

At 2 years old, Princess can:
Sing her ABC's
Count to 10
Recognize colors: yellow, blue, purple, pink, green
Her run is more like a skip - sooooo cute
She loves playing dress up
She loves watching "Megamind", Scooby Doo, and Super Why
Still needs to be rocked to sleep at night - but we love that time as it's the only time she'll cuddle
Her laugh is infectious and noone can make her laugh more than her big brother, Buddy

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