Buddy Bo

 Buddy has been battling a double ear infection, headaches and a low grade fever. We got a call from the school on Tuesday to pick him up - he was in tears b/c his ears and head hurt so bad, and to top it off, he had started a fever. Poor little guy. We already knew about his ears, and he was on the antibiotics, but apparently they weren't working. On my way to pick him up I called the Drs. - they changed his meds and hopefully these new ones will kick in. He was down for the count most of tuesday evening, but started feeling better right around bed time (of course!). We kept him home Wednesday, and he was so full of energy...but we made him do nothing but REST! But then around 4pm, his fever spiked back up, and his head and ears started hurting again...he came downstairs in tears. I felt horrible. He fell asleep around 5...i woke him around 8 to give him meds to lower his fever...and he slept all night. So, we kept him home again today. Again, he's full of energy and resting isn't something he wants to be doing. He's doing it anyway! Hopefully tonight he won't have another relapse of ear pain, head pain and fever. I just want my lil' ty guy to be better!!!

4/1/11 - UPDATE
So it seems the cause for all of Buddy's aches and pain are from his 6year molars! He's got 3 coming through. Just 1 look at them and I completely understand why he's in so much pain! My poor Buddy!!!

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Mamakat23 said...

Aw. How's he feeling now?