Babe & I had a date Saturday morning! I know...saturday morning?! But it was an unusual kinda date. We went to a shooting range and shot a 22-revolver, a pistol and a rifle! LOVED it! It was on my "30 things to do before (or during) 30 list" so we had to do it soon ;) Luckily, the Freedom Armory is right down the street from us, and what makes us even more luckier is that they have a program called "first shots" that is FREE to those who are new to shooting a gun. So SCORE for us!
We had such a good time, though! We sat in the classroom for the 1st 30 minutes learning about gun safety, how to hold a gun, etc. Then we got to go shoot! I wasn't so good with the revolver, got a little better with the pistol, and got 2 Bull-eyes with the rifle! Woohoo! Babe seemed pretty awesome with them all. And while he shot them one after the other - BANG! BANG! BANG! I kind of had to get my bearings after each shot, so mine was more like BANG! wait for it...BANG! wait a little longer for it...BANG! ;)

Check us out!
 (for the record, i took A LOT more pics of Babe then the camera recorded.
my phone is acting older than it's age so sometimes it doesn't actually keep what it captures :( )

Handsome hubby sitting in class ;)

Me shooting the revolver

Me loading the pistol

Me shooting the pistol

BANG! BANG! BANG! (seriously, i can still hear hit shots!)

Rifle, baby!

Proud of my Rifle shots! :)

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Mamakat23 said...

I'm hoping Eric will want to do this with me sometime. Send me the details :-)