Easter 2011

We had a great Easter weekend! Saturday morning we went to breakfast with Babe's parents at the New Freedom Restaurant...such great food, decently priced, with great service! Never had a bad experience there, and we've been there (for breakfast) quite often in our 7 months of living in PA ;) After breakfast, Babe and I had our mini date (the shooting range) and Babe's parents watched the kiddos (thanks!) :) Once we got back we headed out to see the Easter Bunny! Kids did great with that - Princess didn't want to sit ON E.B.s lap, so she sat in a chair infront (as you can see in pics below!). After seeing the Easter Bunny, we visited with my Grand mother for a little while. She also dressed as the Easter Bunny in her home made, 1960s bunny costume - she is just too cute! ;)

Sunday was Easter! The Easter bunny visited and brought lotsa goodies for the kids - mainly outside, summery toys :) YAY! My family came over a little later in the day and we all have a good time eating chocolate, having an Easter egg hunt (over 100 filled eggs for 3 kids = TOO MUCH CANDY), and just being together enjoying the awesome weather!

I hope those of you reading this had a great Easter as well! Enjoy my Easter pics below :)

Our 1st visit with the Easter Bunny

Buddy had to make a Easter Hat for school, so Princess made one, too :)

Easter with Babe's parents :) not even 5 months...sitting up! :)

2nd visit with Easter Bunny...Monkey was amazed by something!

A better pic :)

Yay! The Easter Bunny visited!!!

Easter morning :)

Easter Morning :)

Happy 1st Easter, Monkey :)

Finding eggs from the Easter Bunny :)

It's basket time!

Monkey checking out his from afar ;)


LOL again ;)

After just 1 day, he's a perfectionist at sitting up! And he's loving his basket :)

In his swimming pool

Princess got this awesome bubble blower! I love how the bubble is surrounding her head ;)

Happy Easter 2011

Walked around the corner and caught her sneaking this candy ;)

Gosh, she's such a timeless beauty!


complete opposites

lol love the face and the spike

princess and ella

time for the egg hunt!

get em Ella

soooo cute


my handsome Buddy


Mandy said...

I added some of your pictures from your blog to mine on my "Whataday" blog. Go check it out! Love you cuz!


Mandy said...

I added some of your pictures from your blog to mine on my "Whataday" blog. Go check it out! Love you cuz!


TJOsMommy said...

awesome! :)

laura said...

Your have the most beautiful children!! Glad you had a fun Easter.