Falling Behind! Yikes!

Last week was one crazy busy week at work. And when it's crazy busy at work, it's also crazy busy at home, and that leads to this blog not being updated like i'd like it to! So, i'm here real quick to post some cute pictures of our past weekend (the weekend BEFORE Easter).

Saturday my parents came up for most the day - they were looking to build a house in our neighborhood and hung out with us before their meetings. We had a great time just chilling out with them :)
Monkey in PopPop's hat :)

Staring contest! ;)

Saturday night we headed to our old area, Abingon, to meet up with one of my BFF's and her adorable family! Erin turned the big 3-0 a couple weeks ago, so we were celebrating her :) She chose ChicfilA as her dinner of choice - gave the kids an excuse to be crazy ;)
Happy 30th, Erin :)

4 month Monkey and 6 month Ryan!

Then on Sunday we got together with the Moms group I'm a part of and had an Easter Egg hunt! That was a lot of fun! The kids had a blast, and so did Babe & I :)
Buddy and his buddy, Brandon


She found an egg :)


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laura said...

Looks like fun!!! Are your parents moving into your neighboorhood?