Tea Party

Princes is constantly asking to have a tea party...and while we usually do let her have tea parties, we've never had a tea party like we did this morning! We invited some of Princess's friends...Elmo, Mr. Giraffe, Hip Hoppy, Baby Girl and Kitty. Buddy was also among the guests, and I found the shirt he was wearing fit the occasion quite well ;) We all had a blast, and the tea was especially delicious! Princess and Buddy were great host! And I'm pretty sure all our friends hope to be invited back soon ;)


laura said...

Awww such cuties!!! I love that Tyler likes to play with Jocelyn.

Mamakat23 said...

Adorable! I'm surprised Owen wasn't one of the "sleeping" attendees. ;-)

TJsMommy said...

Tyler has his moments, and thankfully, this was one of the better moments :)

And Owen was taking a 2 1/2 hour nap during this his crib...we'll make sure he's at the next one ;)