Buddy time

This past Saturday, Buddy and I spent a couple hours in the morning volunteering at a local retirement community. Buddy wasn't thrilled with the idea, but when I told him we were going to play BINGO it got him a little more on board ;) Let me just say...we BOTH had an absolute BLAST! The area we volunteered in felt more like a nursing home area. Some of the residents were able to walk themselves to the BINGO room, some were in wheel chairs, and others were asleep in wheel chairs - not too interested in being anywhere but dream land. Cora, the woman we helped play Bingo, was one of those said sleepy heads ;)  She slept practically the whole time. She woke for a little - when Buddy had yelled BINGO for her - to enjoy her prize chocolate, but then went right back to sleep! She was nice enough to share a peice of chocolate with Buddy, too ;)
After about an hour of playing BINGO, we helped clean up and said goodbye to some of our new friends. I think it was a good experience for Buddy and we both are looking forward to going back again soon! We'd like to make it a once a month outting :)
I'm so proud of Buddy for  being so wonderful while we were there. He made conversation with a few of the residents. Played BINGO like it was nobody's business, and was happy to lend a helping hand! That's my boy :)

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laura said...

What a great idea! Glad you had fun :)