and the winner is...


American Idol 2011

Buddy and I watched just about every show this season and loved each and everyone!
It's been "our time" and I'm sad to see it come to and end. I wonder what we'll do now?!
We'll find something ;)
Throughtout the show this season, Buddy's learned phrases such as "you sound a little pitchy",
"he's in it to win it!" and "yo dog!" (thanks Randy Jackson! haha)
He's voted for Scotty all along. Our 1st favorite, Pia, was voted out at the very beginning. Then there was James who made it to the top 4 before he got voted out. James shoulda made it all the way. Then there was Haley, who thankfully get voted out, which left Lauren Alaina and Scotty in the top 2.
I would have been happy with either of them winning.
Buddy wanted Scotty.
Scotty won.
Buddy's happy = I'm happy.

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