Princess has become such the chatty-cat lately and I am loving it! She has the cutest sound ever to her voice...and she ends everything with a question mark sound!
So yesterday I was working from home. I had my breast pump sitting on the desk and Princess comes into the study and picks it up. She says "I pump?!" and pulls up her shirt and starts pretending to do it! Too funny! That's where the picture came from ;)
Then last night, after putting Monkey to bed, I walk into my bedroom to find Princess pumping again! Only this time, when she finished one side she said "I not done? I pump other boob!?" LOL It cracked us up!
Then I find out that while my mom was watching her Monday, Princess was breast feeding a baby, she lifted up her shirt and started "feeding" the baby. Then proceeded to put the baby in Monkeys swing, put a blanket on it, and close the swing. Love how she's becoming a little Mommy :)
With her talking so much more now, I'm sure ill have more Princess-isms coming :)


Mamakat23 said...

Wow, that girl's watching and listening to your every move and word ;-) Such a stinkin cutie ;-)

laura said...

I can not believe she did that!! HAHAHA!! So funny!