A memorable Memorial Day Weekend :)

We had a FUN weekend. And FUN is an understatement. From Monkey's 6 months pics which turned out fantastic (blog of those photos to come) to the Pirate Ship to eating dinner down in Fells...from a family cookout filled with yummy food, lotsa laughs, and a day spent picking fresh strawberries to spending the afternoon outback in the heat, going down the water slide and playing in the baby pool .WE HAD A FUN WEEKEND :) Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend as well :)

We had a packed day Saturday. We met with our awesome photographer, Nicole Renee at Sherwood Gardens for Monkeys 6 months pics! I've seen them and they turned out GREAT, as usual ;) From there we met up with some neighbors at Urban Pirates in Fells Point. We all hada blast on the pirate ship. Princess was tired and got a little cranky near the end, and Monkey was sleepy, too...but we still had fun! Buddy and his bff Andrew definetely had a great time! Then after the pirate ship, we headed to the Greene Turtle for dinner! Afterwards we got ice cream at Maggie Moo's - not a fan - but it was a good ending to our eventful day. The kids passed out on the way home and Babe and I had a "date" of watching some HIMYM :)  

Sunday we had a Memorial Day cookout with our families. My dad came over early and helped get our garden looking pretty :) Then we cooked out and played just about ALLLL day!!!

Monday both Babe an I were off from work! In the morning we headed to SHAWs Orchard to pick our own Strawberries! None of us had done this before, so it was a 1st for us all :) I also crossed another thing off my 30 list :) Woohoo! Picking strawberries was a lot of fun, but it was HOT! We went with my friend Alison and her son Mason. Princess loves Mason. It's so cute!

We spent the rest of our day out back on the slide and kiddie pool. Then watched Gnomeo & Juliet together! Loved our weekend and wished it didn't have to end!!!

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laura said...

Looks like a great weekend! Your family is adorable!