31. Make A Difference

Well...I'm 30! I've been here for 30 years and cannot believe how fast the time has gone! I've known Babe for 10 years of these 30 years. We've got a wonderful marriage, 3 gorgeous kids, and a beautiful home. We've got great jobs (though I complain about his a lot). And we've got a lot to be thankful for. I've got 2 awesome parents who have helped me become who I am today since the day i was born...30 years ago. I don't think I could ever say THANK YOU enough. I've got my so so pretty sister...who is completely opposite of me, but is the coolest ever! And her daughter, my neice and God daughter, who is so smart and so silly!!! I've got some of the BEST friends in the world. Seriously. They put up with me...that's pretty awesome ;) And I'm thankful for each and every person who has come in and out of my life.

Yes, I've reflected about the past 30 years a lot in the days up until today, but I'm not going to blog about it. What I am going to blog about is this - making a difference in someone's life. You know how they say when you turn a certain age you get that many spankings and then 1 for good luck?! Well...this is my "31" on my "30 Before or During 30"'s my good luck one ;)  I got this message this morning from a friend of mine, and it brought me to tears...

I just realized this, but as I kept asking you to send me back your 30 before 30 list (an AWESOME idea btw), I should have told you to add "make a difference in someone's life," then told you to cross it off - because as corny as it may seem, you truly did make a difference in my life. You helped me SO much. To this day, I still credit you to anyone I talk to... Thank you so much! and Happy 30th Birthday! I am so proud of YOU for all that you have accomplished - I hope to be just like you when I "grow up"!!

It feels AMAZING to read these words and KNOW that the person writing them to you means it with all their heart! And I am AMAZED that I, of all people, have made a difference in someone's life. So to this friend, you are so welcome, but THANK YOU for your kind words. You'll never know how much they mean.

Today was a great day! Babe and the kids were all wonderful and we had so much fun together! I got the morning to myself and got a 75min hot stone massage - awesome! Then we all hung out at home for a while before heading to Toys R Us! I treated the kids to a toy (Buddy for doing so well in Kindergarten; Princess for being potty trained; Monkey for being so cute)! Then we went to dinner at Bogey Macaws. We ate then played in their arcade/ball zone area! So much fun! We won 807+ tickets! YAY!!! Such a great far 30 is AWESOME :)

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laura said...

You are a great friend Kristen! Happy 30th!!! Life just keeps getting better, doesn't it?!