Mini Vacation 2011

We just spent a fabulous 5 days together...all 5 of us and Babe's mom, plus some other friends here and there :) We started out going to Ocean City where we hit the pools, the splashgrround, the beach, the boardwalk, etc, etc, etc :) We all had a great time! Buddy is our pool boy...he can only stand the beach for so long, then he's ready to go! Princess is our sand baby...she could play in the sand all day, everyday and never get tired of it! Monkey is our water baby...he loved the pool and the ocean...and the sand, too!

After 2 days in OC we headed home, but not before a stop at Arundel Mills to visit Dave & Busters for some lunch and games :) Babe's Dad met us there! The food was good and the games were fun! The kids won some cool toys...that I don't think they've played with since ;) Isn't that the way it always works?! haha

We spent Sunday at home. Got out all the water toys...ordered crabs...and just got to relax some! Colin came over for a little while, too!

Our last day of vacation was spent at Dutch Wonderland! We met up with some neighbors...Buddy got on rides with Julia and Princess got on rides with Ethan! The water park wasn't too crowded so we spent a couple hours there...the big slides were a lot of fun and the splash area was a lot of fun! I think everyone had a great time!

Even though it was a mini vacation, i feel like we spent enough $$ to make it a real vacation, LOL! But it was $$ well spent, and great memories were made...just what I like :) As usual, I took a lot of they are :)

Dutch Wonderland pics to come...


laura said...

Looks like so much fun Kristen!! I love the picture of Tyler and JD going down the slide and she has her eyes closed ;)

Mamakat23 said...

Great pictures! It's funny how you and Jocelyn have a little man between your heads in that one pic of you two at the beach (Yes, I know it's the lifeguard and just the crazy angle of the camera-- but STILL it's funny!!!)

Mandy said...

Awww, I just ODed on nostalgia, haha! I remember doing all of these fun things with you and your sister at the beach, I seriously miss these days. I am so happy to see you repeating history with your little babies! And I cannot believe how big Ty looks playing put put!!! Love you all!