Epic fail

I had a relaxing weekend away with some girlfriends downy Ocean, hon! ;) We laid on the beach (i got burnt), ate crabs (sooo yummmmy), had some drinks (whipped cream vodka with orange soda = creamsicle taste = OMG!!!), and just relaxed (no going out for us. we watched JUST GO WITH IT instead, and then spied on some neighbors, LOL). It was a really great weekend!

Babe had all 3 kids to himself and he did a wonderful job! They played outside a lot and seemed to all get along pretty good the whole weekend! It was great to come home to so many hugs and kisses :)

I also came home to this...

...awesome, huh?

Buddy is always hopping in and out of the back of the car, and he usually closes the back door as he hops in/out. This particiular time, Babe told him not to close it, so Buddy didn't close it. Babe forgot...until he was backing out of the garage and, well, I'm pretty sure you can tell what happened from the picture ;)

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laura said...

So were the kids in the car when this happened!!!???? Glad OC was fun :)