New Freedom Carnival

I love where we live. Every holiday they put flags up on all the light post that correspond to the holiday. At Christmas, there's a "tree-lighting". We can walk to a homemade ice cream shop. Our neighbors are some of our good friends. And every 4th of July they have a carnival at the local park. This was our first year going to the carnival, and it isn't going to be our last!

We went on wristband night so the kids could enjoy all the rides they wanted. And ride they did - for about 3 hours - until it started pouring. And even then, Buddy got one last ride in ;)

The kids with Andrew and TJ!

This was Tyler's favorite ride!

This was Princess's favorite ride!

My BFF and her fiance! Aren't they special :)

Princess and I raced Tyler and Andrew :)

"psst! i have a secret!"

Princess (& Daddy) won a game!!!

Buddy won a game!!!



Mamakat23 said...

Wow. We'll never hear the end of THAT pic of the two of us! LOL

laura said...

Looks like fun! We might have to go with you next year :)

TJOsMommy said...

Kat - i think it needs to go on a canvas and put in your study ;)

Laura - might is not an option! Jocelyn needs a riding buddy ;)

laura said...

Ok Travis will be!!! He loves the ride and you are right they need a riding buddy!