Up, Up & Away!!!

For our 7th anniversary, Babe and I decided to take a hot air balloon ride. On the day we were planning on going, the weather decided on being yucky, and we had to reschedule our ride. We did so for July 2nd. It was a gorgeous day and the ride was A-MAZ-ING!!!

Being afraid of heights, I was pretty nervous about it. But my fear of heights wasn't effected at all. It's weird. Even though we got up to 7300 ft, i could look straight down and not get dizzy, or scared. The views were unbelievably beautiful and it was just so peaceful floating through the air. It was such an awesome experience - one that I hope to do again! If you ever get the chance to do it, go! You won't regret it!

Getting the balloon ready!

We are laying sideways in the basket. No lie. See the people in the background standing? We had to lay like this for about 7mins - i'm glad the dress i wore was long!

In the basket! We look like sardines with all the other people, but there was actually room to move around - a little!

And we have lift off!

i LOVED seeing our balloon shadow!

Hanging over the side!

Looking straight down!

Isn't it beautiful???

We're pretty high up!

A straight down shot again!

You can see the humidity line - so cool!

Plane flying passed up! It got close - we probably could have had a conversation with the pilot :)

More balloon shadows :)

Told you i loved them :)

Neat line of trees.

Cool looking bunch of trees.

We were going to land in this front yard. I have never seen cows run so fast! LOL! We ended up NOT landing here b/c the owners weren't home, and well, we just didn't want to land in a field with cows and sheep running around!

Literally right over top the trees!

Farmers of the farm we ended up landing on! It was crazy...the farm family all came up, then the amish were coming out of everywhere - on karts and on horses! It was crazy! And everyone was so friendly!

Hard to see, but everyone in the balloon :)

Me, trying to climb out of the basket!

Letting the hair out and getting ready to pack up!


What an experience! I love you, Babe! Happy 7th Anniversary!

Also, check out this video of us UP high:


Mamakat23 said...

That's sooo cool!!! I wanna do that too! :-) It's crazy how they just land in people's yards and farms. Is this typical? lol

TJOsMommy said...

Very typical. Our pilot has never landed in the same place twice. Most of the time, the team following us on land will go up ahead and get permission before we actually land. Sometimes it doesn't happen before hand though. Our pilot said there's only been one time where he landed and the farmer came runing and yelling at them. So he had to take off again and land somewhere else. Otherwise everyone is really cool about it. How often does a hot air balloon land on your yard?! And how cool to say it's happened?! :)

Mamakat23 said...

That IS awesome :-)