First day of daycare/preschool

Since Princess was born, we've had a nanny come over to watch her...and then her and Monkey. So Princess & Monkey have never been out of the house for daycare. So when Babe and I started talking about putting them in a daycare center, I was very hesitant. We had a great set-up, an awesome nanny and friend, and everyone seemed happy. But Princess is getting to that age where being around other kids is essential (at least I think so). So we toured some daycare centers in our area and found one we thought was perfect for us and the kids.

Today was their 1st day.

We figured Mokney would be fine. He's almost 9 months old. The main thing I was concerned about for him was naps. He seemed excited when we got there, and quickly went to the toys. But we heard him crying soon after we left :(

Princess was my main concern. Being older, she knew we would be leaving, etc. We've been talking it up for several weeks...took her out to get a book bag, new shoes and an outfit for her first day. Mokney's been awesome at telling her how much fun school is and how many new friends she'd make. And she truly seemed excited. 

We dropped Monkey off first, and Princess was anxious to get to her room. She did cry. A lot. But when Babe walked out he said she calmed down (I left before Babe b/c i'm not as strong as him...i'll admit it).

So here's some pictures of Princess & Monkey's 1st day :)

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