Only 5lbs apart?!

Yesterday both Princess & Monkey had a check up! 2 1/2 years for Princess and 9 months for Monkey! I picked them both up from daycare earlier than i usually do (btw, daycare seems to be going really well for the most part. Monkey still isn't used to it and his naps are all over the place. Princess enjoys it but cries as soon as I walk in the door. I think it's her way of showing her excitement.) Anywho...i had to wake them both up when I got there...Monkey was happy, Princess was not. She cried all the way to the Drs about not wanting to go...and cried while at the wasn't until the end of their appt that she stopped crying and got friendly.

But their appointments went well. Princess  is 24.5lbs (3-10%) and 34 3/8 inches (25%). Monkey is 18.75lbs (25%) and 28.5inc (50-75%). And they both have an ear infection. Go figure. Monkey in his right hear, Princess in her left. And since they are slo close in weight, they get the same dosage. Kinda funny...19 months apart but only 5lbs different from each other ;) I'm anxious to see when it will be that Monkey surpasses Princess. I give it another year...if that! So, other then the ear infection for them both, the Dr said they are both perfect in every way :) I love hearing that, and couldn't agree more! I'm glad I'm not the only one who things so ;)

We watched Colin for a little while last. While him and Buddy were playing out back, I had Princess & Monkey out front and they were taking turns going down the slide. Monkey is becoming an expert at climbing up it! He fell once...OUCH...but got right up and climbed it again! Seriously. No fear.

He climbed to the top!
Standing = making Mommy a nervous wreck!

Going up the slide was fun, too!
Seriously?! How can you not love him?! I just want to eat him up! So cute!

Again with the cuteness!!!
lil' miss princess :)

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laura said...

So funny about the weight. Travis is almost 40 pounds. We have kids on opposite ends of the spectrum. Travis is huge and JD is petite. Sorry about the ear infections. Hope they feel better soon.

Love all the Owen pictures. What a cutie. Seriously adorable. Jocey looks like coopertive with the picture taking ;) a 2 1/2 appt normal? I don't think my dr had requested one but I am sure I will be in there for the flu shot. Did she get any shots at 2 1/2 or was it just a checkup