We knocked another thing off of my 30 list today...woohoo!!! We went to the driving range! I never realized how hard it was...and tiring. Babe and I both hit a bucket of about 85 each. I won't be able to move my arms!!! But it was so much fun! I suck at it. Babe rocks. He should def take up golfing! thanks! But I think id go to a driving range again sometime :)

With my bucket of balls and golf sticks.
Didn't know it at the time, but I was totally standing the wrong way. LOL.
Strike a pose!
My handsome man!
Such a fun date!!!


MiSCropper said...

That's awesome! The extent of my golfing skills are put put lol. Practice makes perfect, maybe one day you'll be awesome at it.. =]

Mamakat23 said...

It IS fun, isn't it? Did you go to the place off of rt 23 near 439 near that church? I passed that place today on my way home and thought of you! Glad you had fun! And I CAN'T believe your wearing crops and a tank top in October! ;-)

TJOsMommy said...

We went to Hereford Golf Center - had a Groupon for it. I don't think i'll ever make Golf a hobby of mine, but I will def continue to putt putt :)

andrea said...

Beautiful pics, Kristin. Such a beautiful family :)