Happy Halloween!

Monkeys 1st Halloween!!! YAY!!! 

He was Dracula! 

 Monkey was also a skeleton (@ daycare)!

Buddy was a dragon ninja!

 Princess was Cinderella :)

  Babe was a #1 Dad...but he's that every day ;)

All 3 of my lil' pumpkins :) 

Out Trick or Treating...

Hayden & Monkey - 1st Halloween
Buddy looking for a pumpkin in the hay!

Halloween was great this year! Have you ever trick-or-treating with snow on the ground?! I hadn't until this Halloween! Crazy but cool! We trick-or-treating through about half of the neighborhood, then headed back home. Monkey was beyond tired and needed to get to bed. Buddy and Princess handed out candy. (I think they had more fun handing out candy then they did Trick or Treating!). Buddy kept saying "Happy Halloween! Please take one!" to each trick or treater. Princess would put one piece of candy into everyone's bag...when (if) they said THANK YOU, Princess would say "YOUR WELCOME!" back. They were both so cute :) 

Trick or Treating in our neighborhood reminds me so much of when I was a kid...people are get tons of candy...and you have a ton of fun :) I'm so glad my kids get to experience the same thing I did!!!


laura said...

Looks like a great time! What color is Owen's hair? It almost looks strawberry blonde? I love it.

TJOsMommy said...

In pics it tends to look more strawberry blondish, but in person it's def blonde :)