Lotsa post + lotsa pics = _______

I was talking with a friend the other day and stated the obvious, something I've known for a while but wouldn't couldn't believe it, until I actually said it. To myself. Out loud.


Seriously. At least for a little while. Yes it great being so caught up with so many people. And its awesome meeting new friends as well. But, ill admit it, I'm a addicted to facebook. Lol. And I'm tired of the high school drama that comes of it. It takes away from things that are most important to kids, Babe, memories to be made. And honestly...who really checks my fb on a daily basis? Whose going to care, in 10 years, what we did on a nice fall evening (yesterdays post). The answer to that is...ME. Not my list of "friends" on fb. But ME. So, in efforts to lessen my post and pics on FB ill be doing more on here. B/c when I look back, it won't be on FB, it'll be here on this blog.

Ill be deactivating my FB account on Buddys golden birthday (he'll be 7 on Oct 7th) and reactivating on Monkeys golden birthday (he'll be 1 on Dec 1st). This I am doing for me, for Babe, for my kids. I may not reactivate at all. We'll see.

It'll be an eye opener for me I'm sure, in more ways than one. I'm looking forward to it. To those who care, there's my email, this blog, and good ole telephone! I hope to hear from lots of people...but not sure I will. FB is way of the world these's the chance I take.

So, farewell FB...and hello freedom and more quality time with my family :)

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Mamakat23 said...

Yay! You jumped on my bandwagon!!! :-)