Much needed Buddy time = SUCCESS

Ill admit, I miss the days of just having Buddy. Don't get me wrong, I love all my kids to the moon and back...but time with Buddy is so hard to come by now. I miss being able to do whatever, whenever with him. Head to the park, or the store, or watch a movie, play ball. Its not so easy with 3 kids and working opposite schedule as Babe. And I'm determined to make more "Buddy times" happen.

Today was one :) Buddy had a half day of school, so I took a half day of work :) I picked him up from school, which he loves, and since the weather sucked, we headed home. He played video games while I ate lunch, then we spent an hour playing basketball in his room with the nerf basketball hoops. OMG. SO MUCH FUN. I don't think either of us stopped laughing the whole time :) And I'm not afraid to say it...he kicked my butt in basketball. Beat me 7-3! That lil stinker! He's so awesome!

We had to leave to go to his 7 yr check up. He's doing great. His stats are below. He opted for the flu mist vs the shot and did great with it. I promised him a milkshake and that's the other pic you see. His large caramel milkshake from Wendys...yup, he ate it all ;) Yup...I helped ;)

After the drs we ran to Walmart for a few things before our date came to an end. It was a great time with him, and I hope its one of many to come.

Next week we both have a dental appt at the same time...what a date that'll be ;)

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