Statue of Liberty!

 Last Saturday we (me, Babe, Buddy, Babe's mom, my parents, my sister, her fiance & Ella) went to NYC to visit the Statue of Liberty! We reserved tickets about 6 months ago to go up to the crown and everything. The day and weather was gorgeous - we couldn't of asked for better weather!!!
Our whole Statue of Liberty gang!

Visiting the Statue is seriously an all day event. We got on the bus to NYC at 6:30am, got there a little before 10am. Headed to the subway and took that to Staten Island. We then grabbed lunch before getting ready to head to the Statue. I think we had to go through 2 or 3 security points, that are just like airport security checks, before we were cleared to go up the 354 steps to the crown. 
Taking the boat to liberty island was a lot of fun. 
I was in awe as the statue kept getting bigger and bigger. It's so beautiful.

Babe checking out the map in the subway!


Checking out the views!
Isn't she beautiful?!

Dad admiring the Liberty!

A part of the old torch!

We all climbed the 354 steps to the crown. Crazy steps. They started out normal, but got more narrow and then it was just one big spiral staircase to the top. I thought going down the steps was harder than going legs were so shaky...LOL!!!

Here we go...20 down...

Running up the stairs! Crazies!!!

Still smiling :)

About to head up the spiral steps!

There's Babe!!!
Momma & I
Buddy feeling the thickness of the crown!

On the way back down.

The views from all levels of the Liberty were simply amazing.
I couldn't stop taking pictures!

From the Crown!

From the Crown!
NYC skyline

Here we all are having fun in front of the Statue :) 

Strong Buddy, holding the Statue!

God Bless America!

On our way back to NYC from Liberty Island, we stopped at Ellis Island. We all found our last names on the wall...

Ella passed out on PopPop!
Ellis Island!

Daddy checking out our names!

Then we headed back. We stopped for dinner. Most of the group wanted we stopped at a random pizza place and filled our tummies. Then headed to get the bus back home.

On the subway headed back!


It was such a fun day and 
I'm so glad I've now been to the Statue of Liberty!
Only took me 30 years...better later than never ;)

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