Buddy is 7!!!!

The countdown has come and gone. Buddy's golden birthday (7 on the 7th) has passed. I do believe it's been his best one least that's what he says :) I have no reason to doubt him. It was a pretty awesome birthday! He got to celebrate with both sides of the family, had a celebration at school, and had his 1st ever sleepover birthday party! Not to mention his bedroom got a major makeover!

His birthday was also crazy hair day at school. We spiked his hair up and added some purple - Go Ravens! Princess even wanted some purple in her hair, too ;)

Babe & I survived the 1st sleepover party! We had Michelle, babe's awesome cousin, helping us! I think she had a blast, too! How can you not have fun with 8 boys, all going crazy, eating cake, playing with light up swords, and not wanting to sleep!? :) Seriously, it was a super fun time!

Chilling out before the party started!

Awesome cake and cakepops!

The party favors were these cups with "NINJA (boys name)", a pencil and glow in the dark sword or ax!

Present time! Buddy loved them all!!!

3 ninjas - Andrew, Tyler & Luke

Singing Happy Birthday!!!

My 7 year old!!!

All the kids outside playing with their swords and ax's :)

The PARTY!!!

I told them all to jump and yell "NINJAS!!!"
 Around 10pm, when the boys were supposed to be getting ready for bed, i snagged this video of a couple of them dancing to JUST DANCE 2. Love it!!!

These next few pics were the next morning...all the boys were up by 6:30 playing the Wii AND DSi. LOL. 

Later in the day Saturday we went over to my parents to celebrate Buddy's birthday. 
Here are pics from there:


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Looks like it turned out great!