Weekend in Review..picture review :)

Buddy half day (basketball in his room, Drs & Walmart)
trampoline fun with all 3 kids & bathtime!!!

Buddy time = Silly time

This pic of Monkey reminds me so much of my Nana.

This is MY bottle!

Football (and only pics of Monkey at football b/c I had to get hat pics for a friend),
falling asleep while eating & Friends!

Poor babes has a cold!


Monkey fell asleep while eating lunch! SO FUNNY! I could tell he was getting sleepy and am so happy my phone video decided to work so I could catch him in action! I love how he's trying to stay awake, and then he's out...and the cracker falling out of his sleepy hand...priceless :)

My sis is a makeup artist in her spare time. Here she is making one of my awesome friends look more beautiful then she already is, for her wedding coming up next year :0)

Princess and Hayden...bff's since before being born ;)

Heather & I :)

And she's out...pretzel hanging out and all ;)

Breakfast with friends (i'm a loser and have no pics of this, BUT had a great time!)
Swamp Fox Farms (only thing i did get pics of today!), and Birthday Party (again, loser me who didn't take any pics)!


Buddy loved finding pumpkins. He even ran half way down the pumpkin filled hill to catch a rolling pumpkin that a little kid dropped. Such a hero :) 

 Princess wasn't up for being in any pictures :/ But she did enjoy seeing the cauliflower (sp?) and broccoli growing :)

 Buddy loved sitting near all the big pumpkins! 
I got some awesome and super cute pics of him, too! YAY!

He tried eating whatever he could ;P

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