Eary Birthday presents are the best!!!

Wednesday, after work and school, we came home and Princess and Monkey started fighting over Princess's little car. To my surprise, Monkey hopped on and knew exactly what to do (as seen in video above!) All through Wednesday night and Thursday, Princess and Monkey continued to fight over this car... on Friday, Babe, Buddy and I bought Monkey an early birthday present. A car just to call his own. His birthday is less than a month away, and he would love it...

...Friday evening while at home, Princess and Monkey start fighting, again, over Princess's car. So bad Monkey is literally yelling right back at Princess. I look at Babe and say "Let's just give him his present early?!" Babe said "Yes!" So Buddy gets it from the car and as soon as we bring it in, Buddy's eyes get HUGE...YES...He loves it. And, well, so does Princess. LOL. Let the fighting continue.

But only for a few minutes. Now it doesn't matter who has which long as they both have one :)

Sitting on it, still in the box ;)


Having a ball!

Everyone happy.

Such a daredevil! Scares me to death!

Looks like she's flying!

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laura said...

Looks like fun! Glad Owen got one of his own.