Thanksgiving 2011

We had a great Thanksgiving! We went over my parents for the big dinner and then to Babe's Aunts for some dessert! It's always crazy and hectic but we are so thankful to have family so close! I wouldn't want it any other way! I'm thankful for a lot! I enjoyed doing the "thankful" posts daily. And I might keep that don't be surprised if you randomly see thankful posts ;) I'd say the kids are thankful for a lot, too...just on Thanksgiving I'd have to say Buddy was thankful for football, Princess was thankful for leaves to jump in, and Monkey was thankful for everything. These 3 kids, and their Daddy, are what I am thankful for day in and day out :) 


These are some pics throughout our weekend. We didn't do too much but stay home and get some things done around the house :) 

He will never again be so tiny as he is today. I love how tiny he is.

So cute. I'll have to get a pic with all 3 of them standing in the window.

Hugs for his friend :)
J and J, waiting on Santa to come light the New Freedom Christmas Tree :)

Princess waving to Santa!!!

Santa came in a firetruck, was lifted to the top of the tree, lit it, and then was lowered to the ground. Very cool. Video to come!!!
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Buddy and Jocelyn


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