Buddy brags

Babe and I met with Buddys teacher today for normal parent/teacher conferences. She had all great things to say about him. Buddyy is one of the top in his class :)  She took us by surprise when she mentioned she was going to monitor him for the schools gifted program! If he is still excelling by the end of the school year she will then talk to us and Buddy about it!So i dont know much right now...just that its a 90 minute seminar 2-3 times a week that will challenge him more than he is now. So we'll see. Ill be sure to post more on this as we learn more. Babe and I left there feeling so very proud of Buddy. We knew he was a smart cookie :) Way to go little buddy :)

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Mamakat23 said...

See what did I tell you when he was just itty bitty?!