Monkey Party!!!

Saturday was Monkey's 1st Birthday Party!
It was a monkey themed party b/c He is our monkey!
Everyone had so much fun!
THANK YOU to everyone who came to help celebrate Monkey turning 1!!!

Enjoy the party pics :)

I had so much fun making all of the decorations!!! Here is pics of Monkey from birth to now :)

Our Monkey table with monkey treats! We had butterscotch banana bread, banana peanut butter wraps, banana with crackers, bananas, monkey cupcakes and monkey bread (which we forgot to put out - oops!)!!! All of it was soooo yummy!!!

Monkey reaching for his monkey treats!

 A friend of mine let me borrow her bounce house! It was a huge hit!!!

Monkey's Monkey smash cake :)

 He was so dainty about it! I thought he was going to be messy! Nope!

He didn't like when i pushed his hand into the icing :(

 See why he's our Monkey?! ;)

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laura said...

Very cute!! What great ideas and details! You did a great job. Looks like Owen had a blast :)