Monkeys 1st haircut :)

We took Monkey today for his very 1st haircut :)
He did such a great job! He sat by himself, watching "The Grinch" and didn't fuss once, except for when some water got in his face! He didn't like that too much!
But he looks like such a grown up lil' man now! Very handsome, I must say :)

Big boy sitting all by himself :)

He wasn't sure what to think of the razor, but seemed to like it!

Staring at the Grinch!

Waving at himself in the mirror :)

I held his hands the whole time b/c I wanted to, not b/c he wanted me to ;) LOL!

Darn water!

Look at that! All shaped up and looking nice :)

Thank you Cartoon Cuts!

Whose that handsome lil' boy?! ;)

Oh so cute!!!

Awwww :)

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Mamakat23 said...

It's funny how Jocey and Owen both had their first hair cuts only a few weeks apart! LOL