We saw Santa Claus!!!

Can you believe there's just 1 more week until Christmas?
I never believed it when older people told me that as you get old, time goes faster.
I didn't believe it, and never thought it would go as fast as it does!
I feel like Buddy was just born still. That he was weeks old and I was just saying LAST year that I can't believe it's already Christmas. 
But here it is, the end of 2011, and it's almost Christmas again. 
Whew...I'm so excited...
but have so much left to do!

This morning, we took the kids to see Santa. He was going to be at Brown's Orchard at 11, so we got there a few minutes before then. We even beat Santa there! As we were getting out of the car Santa drove up in his red pick up truck! The kids were soooo excited!!!

We were the very 1st one to see him :)
Buddy went first. He asked Santa for the one and only thing he wants... iphone 4s...
Santa said he can't promise anything but he's see what he could do ;)

Next, my neice E went!
She asked Santa for a pink and white jumprope!
And some other things ;)

Then it was Princess's turn. 
She was a little nervous, so instead of sitting on Santa's lap, 
she sat on Babe's, next to Santa!
She asked him for 2 kitties and 2 doggies. 
Oh, and 2 baby dolls :)
Not sure why everything must come in 2's ;)
 She didn't want to hug, so her and Santa high-5'ed :)

Last, but not least, it was Monkey's turn...
I think the picture shows you what he thought of Santa...

Even sitting with Buddy didn't help things...
So sorry Monkey baby!!!

 And...the best group picture I could come up with...


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laura said...

the picture of little owen is classic!!! You got some great shots of Tyler!