Project 365

I love taking pictures. You know this. I know this. So when I heard about Project 365 I thought "Wow! This is so for me!" And i've been doing it! I have the album on my facebook, and update it daily there, but I think I'm going to update it weekly here on the blog :0)

So from 1/1/12 - 1/10/ are my pictures :)  

1/1/12 - Happy New Year! Monkey slept in til 6, Princess woke up and willingly shared (without us asking) and Buddy woke up stating since it was the new year he wasn't going to play video games or on his ipod - he was going to spend it with us (without us asking!)

1/2/12 - Spent the day with Babe's parents - Babe and his dad went to the movies - then we all wentto Cracker Barrel for dinner :)

1/3/12- Monkeys home with a fever :( I'm working from home and so is Babe. Buddy is back to school and Princess was excited to show her friends at school her new Minnie pillow pet :)

1/4/12— too cute. Princess is swimming in these XS pjs but insists on wearing them :) She even put a belt on! This pic will be awesome to look at when She actually fits in them...I say at around 7 yrs?!
1/5/12- this is the project I'm working on at work...BOND. I am very thankful for my job and the opportunities I've been given working for SSA. And after something I was told today, and talking with Babe about it, I'm choosing to take what I was told in a positive way. :) I'm proud of what I do to help the public and can only get better at it!
1/6/12 - first, a very happy birthday to my Daddy! Now for the pic...I took this while sitting at the bus stop waiting for Buddy. Its very rare that we *dont* see beautiful skies like this where we live. It reminds me how happy and blessed we are to have made our home here. A great place to raise the family, for the kids to go to school and the perfect place for all to make beautiful memories ♥ I seriously love it here!

1/7/12 - celebrating my dad and sisters bday today! We've been doing these bday celebrations since I can remember and I really hope they continue with ours kids, too :)

1/8/12 - my parents got Buddy this basketball hoop for Christmas :) Buddy LOVES being close to the top of his list! Today Babe and my dad put it together! Buddys out there now playing with his best bud C, Babe and Mr. E :) thanks Mom and Dad for the awesome gift!
1/9/12 - Evenings are pretty crazy in the Harper household. Between dinner and homework and changing diapers and playing and baths and reading and watching Caillou...whew...but tonight we put on some music and just danced. The kids always love it and so do i :)
1/10/12 - Buddys 1st spelling test :) Makes a momma and dadda proud :) He came home with his 2nd list this week and kept bugging me to test him, LOL! I'm glad he's so excited about it :)

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laura said...

Good Idea! And it will help you keep up with blogging. The sky picture is awesome!