Things that make you go "Awww"...or "hahahahahaha" ;)

We ran out of kid soap/shampoo so I pulled out a bar of soap! You'd think it was a brand new toy...don't think Princess had seen a bar of soap before!

This pic seriously makes me laugh out loud. He looks so silly and oh so cute! eyes!

Bath time is probably one of their favorite times of day :)

2 of 3 of my clean babies :)
My other clean baby! He's reading to me, like every night.
And even though he's been doing this for a good 2 years, I still can't believe it!
Sleepy Head Monkey!
2 Sleepy heads. Somehow they both ended up in our bed this night.
Thank goodness for king sized beds!

King Monkey...over taking the castle.

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Mandy Bogdan said...

Look at those sweet babies! Love that they’ve never seen bar soap before- Ha!