She asked for a Hello Kitty what?!

The last few nights we've been playing American Idol catch up.
Last night, we got to the 1st part of the judges picking the Top 24!
One of the contestants came on, and had a nose ring.
Nothing big that jumped out at you or anything.
Just a small, diamond stud, nose ring. The way the light hit it must have been what drawed Princess to it.
She said "you see that? in her nose!?"
I said "Yup! That's a nose ring"
She said "Oh. We get one of those, k?"
I said "Mmmm, maybe when you are older."
She said "I almost 3! Then?"
I said "Mmmm, not that soon."
She said "Okay Mommy."
And I thought that was the end of that...
Until a few minutes later she turned to me and said...
"Mommy. I get a Hello Kitty one in my nose!"
I said "A Hello Kitty nose ring? You want a Hello Kitty nose ring?!"
She said "Yup! You, too!"
I said "Mmmm...I don't think so!"

3...ALMOST 3...and she wants a nose ring?!
Oh the joys of a little girl :) 


laura said...

Travis will get her one for her bday ;)

Melanie said...

HAHA...She is so funny!