She's only almost 3...right?!

Because by the way she acts most times, you'd think she was 2 going on 13!
I do love having me a girl though. Esp now that she points out to me "me & you are girls. daddy, buddy and money are boys!" Yea, that's's just be and her with our 3 boys to protect us :)

So those who know me, know I don't often wear make up. 
I probably don't even know how to put on most makeup the "right" way. 
But on those rare occasion when I do put it on, Princess is always right there, wanting to put it on, too!

So last weekend when I was getting ready for a Bridal Shower, and putting makeup on, Princess wanted in. She got upset that I wouldn't let her do it all on her own. So I PROMISED her that the next day, I would let her do EVERYTHING on her own. And, well, this is how it went down ;) 

She's beautiful without makeup ;)

Foundation is first!

Next is the blush!

 Then the eye make up!

LOL! So far, so good!

Time for the lipstick!

And we'll finish with the blush!
She's rubbing it in ;)

Tada!!! And she's beautiful with makeup, too :)

Showing she's ALMOST 3!

hands on hip?! like i said...only almost 3, right?! ;)

Now she's checking out her beautiful face!

So cute!

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