Birthday Bash!!!

Saturday we had Princess's birthday party - Hello Kitty theme!
I don't know why, but even though I start out wanting to do SMALL, i always end up doing BIG.
I think I forget how big my family is. 
So, the night before the party, I found myself making 50ish sandwiches so we could use the HK cookie cutters - they were a HUGE hit. And I had Mike run out to Walmart at almost 9pm b/c I forgot to pick up meatballs earlier in the day - another HUGE hit. I made a total of 50 cupcakes - 24 for her class, the rest for the party. We also had a cake. OH! And PINK mac & cheese, too!
However, I didn't stress as much as I usually do. I actually enjoyed this party. 
And I am going to chalk it up to one of our better ones :)

Enjoy the pics below!!!

I was not joking. These aren't even half of the sandwiches!

I promise all hands were washed before the next picture ;) But how cute is this??

Hello Kitty Sandwiches!!!

3rd year in a row Babe got Princess flowers for her birthday! It's a wonderful daddy-daughter tradition :)

Princess admiring them :) Monkey, too!!!

How awesome! A Hello Kitty bouquet! Way to go, Babe!

 She's excited to see her BIG present from the 4 of us :)


For 3, she stays in the lines pretty well :)

 A few early presents :)

Some decorations...

Anxiously awaiting her guests!

Princess not amused with E's bunny ears ;)


Pin the bow on Hello Kity!!!

pretty much right on!!! YEA!!!

Yes, Monkey got a turn, too :)

Awesome Hello Kitty Cake!!!

Make a wish baby girl!!!

 S & A

Loves this face he "Oh no!!!"

Someone's getting sleepy!!!

Good job, everyone!!!

I added pics to the post i wrote on her actual bday, too!!!

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laura said...

I like the new blog! The header looks great. We had fun on Saturday thanks for inviting us.