St. Patty's Day!

While our whole family took turns with the stomach bug this passed week, we were all lucky enough to be happy and healthy by St. Patty's Day! And thank goodness we did, b/c we had a visit from a Leprechaun...or "trouble" as Buddy liked to put it. 

The kids woke up to toilet paper coming out of their bathroom and Babe & I here Buddy yell, "Mom...Dad...we have TROUBLE! TROUBLES been here!" And as we found more things he would keep saying "trouble was here, too!"

"Trouble" not only made a mess of our toilet paper, but misplaced things, put chairs ontop of tables, hid one of our stools...oh, and yes, he used our potty...

She was so excited! She was saying 'He did this at our school, too!"
 I had all intentions of making Rainbow pancakes for breakfast, but we didn't have any mix. 
So, we settled for rainbow eggs instead ;)

It was such a beautiful morning we spent it outside!!!
We even had a picnic lunch in the front yard :) 

Princess & I went to a baby shower, and I let her do her own makeup, again ;)

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